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How to Tune a Drum

June 23, 2009

Finally got round to finishing my article about tuning drums – my contribution to the debate!
How to Tune a Drum

Soundproof Your Garage For Drums

June 7, 2009

Do you, like me, find it difficult to have a good ‘n loud practise session because you know that someone, somewhere is moaning about the noise? I just can’t relax into it unless I know that no one but me can hear what I’m doing. So I had to soundproof my garage.

I had no prior experience of construction of any kind. It was daunting, but if I didn’t try, I wouldn’t have anywhere to practice. So… I went to the library to look for information on creating a soundproof garage… Click here for the full article.

Making the Change to an Electronic Drum Set

June 7, 2009

My enduring memories of electronic drum sets were of New Romantic bands in the eighties bopping around white hexagonal drum pads which made sounds more akin to a doorbell than to a drum. However, I didn’t have too many options, so I decided I’d have to put my faith in the technological progress that I hoped had been made in electronic drum sounds.

I had reached a turning point – no more room for the acoustic kit… Click here for the full article.

Make Time For Drumming Practice!

June 7, 2009

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for drumming practice. Even with my Roland V-Club Set which I could play any time, silently, I used to constantly find myself unprepared for band rehearsals and gigs because I just hadn’t done enough drumming practice.

So I practised in fron of the telly – drove the wife up the wall… Click here for the full article.

A Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Drum Set

June 7, 2009

First drum set? Spend as little as possible. My advice is as simple as your drums should be. Don’t buy the biggest, best sounding (and probably most expensive) kit available. I have always followed one simple rule when buying my drums which explains why I have never ended up with top-level drum set, but have still been content with my choice of kit.

Buy the drum set that is as good as you are… Click here for the full article.