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Reminiscing About My First Drum Kit

June 7, 2009

It’s funny, but I remember my first drum kit with more affection than any set I’ve had since… even though it was a total mongrel! After pretty much giving up on ever getting one (due to parental objections), my dad went away for a week and by coincidence, a drum kit came up for sale in the local paper at the same time… No brainer.

After a few years of putting up with the noise in the room above his head, he told me that he’d actually started to get used to it, and (at moments) enjoyed it… I think he just liked to see me persevering and becoming reasonably good at something I enjoyed doing.

Thinking about it, drumming is one of the few activities I’ve stuck at over the years – it’s just so much fun!

I can’t remember exactly which bits of my fist drum set were what make… I’ll have to dig out a photo. Anyone remember their first kit?